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((Alright, so I realized I have some reaaally old questions like from the previous 2 years so I feel like I should just answer them in writing form but I'm also really sorry that I never got to them because of my ignorance and so-- I hope you can forgive me for my lateness and never getting around to actually finishing them... ^^;
That's all! Thank you for reading and understanding!;o; I'm sorry though-- |D))


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Aspiring Lady of the Blades
"Hiya people! The name's Mia and I'm a member of the Greil mercenaries!:D If anyone has a question, just ask away! but it better be something good!"

:bulletred: Current Status: :bulletred: Fighting inactivity!
:bulletorange: Question status :bulletorange: ((Working on them!))

~ Greil Mercenary comrades ~
"You guys are like a great family to me!I'm really glad to be a part of the Greil mercenaries!"
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"It must've been destiny for us to meet! It's great to be friends~!"
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Ask Fire Emblem chat! ((Where you can do stuff, be random and all. XD))…

Fire Emblem chat for role plays only! ((Where no randomness appears unless considering what happens in the role play and is only for role plays. c: ))…

Admin: levenark

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